"This was my first time working with a stylist and I'll definitely be using Plush again! Kimberly is not only fun, very "hip", and easy to work with, but she also reeled me in during my closet cleanse and in the end, with her help, I ended up selling four bags of clothing that I just didn't need. Her honest opinions and immediate ability to tap into my "style" made our shopping trip really fun and wielded me with some choices I probably wouldn't not have made on my own..Kimberly extended her time, knowledge, and fun personality generously and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her to everyone I know!"

– A. Siegel

"Working with Kimberly (a personal shopper) was just what I was looking for. Certain newer styles had eluded me and I just couldn’t find the right clothes for my body type. I work full time and I need to look professional but at the same time, I want to look stylish too. I had also bought some fun colored jeans but failed to find the right tops to go with them.


So now, after only a couple of hours, I am completely set. And believe it or not, whenever I wear an outfit that Kimberly helped me choose – I always get compliments!!!!! Gone are the moments sitting in my closet trying to figure out what to wear with what. Now I have things that go together so the guesswork is eliminated. Thank you Kimberly for making shopping more rewarding. I am sure that you will be hearing from me every time the season changes or a special occasion arises! Thank you so much."

- Carol Bloom Stevens
- Director of Public Relations, MSCO, Rye Brook, NY.

“Kimberly Garrett assisted me during fashion week in Paris and made a world of difference with her professionalism, eye for styling, good taste, and ability to work with buyers of all types. As someone who has been in the fashion industry over 10 years, in New York and abroad, it is rare to find someone with not only a professional work ethic but also such a pleasure to work with.”

- Leila Antakly
- www.NinuNina.com

"Kimberly Garrett worked for me in the design business and proved to be the best employee I ever had.  This girl is so smart so chic and beautiful to boot with amazing integrity and a tremendous head for business.  She will be a success wherever she goes."

- Sarah Davis
- Owner of Living Well, Etc. Interior Design


"I love clothes and have a really hard time editing my own closet. I was in serious need of a closet intervention when I called Kimberly.   Kimberly did an exceptional job in helping me edit out several pieces that I really needed to let go of.   My closet is now much more manageable and I am wearing pieces that I had forgotten I even owned.  Kimberly is a real talent when it comes to styling and closet organizing.  Do yourself a huge favor and get her over to your closet as soon as possible!"


"I received two hours with Kimberly as a gift.  After having been a nanny for several years and about to rejoin the corporate world, I was in desperate need of a makeover.  Kimberly hit the nail right on the head!  She is amazing!!  Patience and style are only two of her many attributes.  She kept me way below my strict budget (which was super important) and found items for me that I would never have chosen myself.  Kimberly is my style rock star!  I can't wait for spring/summer so I can have her restyle my warm weather wardrobe!"

~Michelle F.

"Working with Kimberly was an amazing experience in that she can determine which looks are best for the runways or magazines and what fits on actual people. Balancing the line between avant-garde and edgier looks with more subdued and classic elements, Kimberly's keen aesthetic is a vital tool in the fashion industry. Spending time with her on appointments for photoshoots where I was tasked with dressing New York socialites, Kimberly's thoughtful and dedicated approach in discussing concepts with me ended up resulting in some of the most stellar photographs."

- Edward Barsamian
- Former Editor, Quest, Vogue Magazine

"Cleaning out my closet was cathartic!  I finally can walk into my closet and feel completely organized!"

- Cari

"Kimberly brought such enthusiasm with her it was impossible for it to not feel contagious. Piece by piece she went through my closet, pairing outfits together that fit me and made me feel good, and taught me what to look for when shopping on my own. I loved it!!"

-A. Gordon

"Kimberly has a wonderful eye for style and is a joy to work with!"

- Lauren Bush
- Founder of Lauren Pierce, CEO and Co-Founder of FEED Projects, and Former Model

"I always loved working with Kimberly. Not only does she have impeccable taste, she is also pleasure to be around. She has the perfectly balanced uptown-meets-downtown sensibility + exudes chicness at all times. She definitely understands what it takes to make people look their best. I knew I was in great hands when Kimberly helped me."

- Lisa Tobias
- Stylist for Gossip Girl

"Kimberly is beyond great to work with!  She is very professional, has the best eye and quickly pulls together unique and stylish looks. I can't recommend her enough!"

- Loretta Bickle

"What sets Kimberly apart from other stylists is her passion. I've worked with stylists before who were very skilled, but sort of worked on "automatic." Kimberly, on the other hand, seems to approach each appointment as a chance to see new, interesting pieces and have the opportunity to make them look even more fabulous on their owners. Pieces I never thought twice about, I now love thanks to her genuine enthusiasm. She not only helped me edit and style, she also followed up with a detailed list of suggested fill-ins and where I could purchase them. Net, net, I've never felt so good about my wardrobe! Book an appointment today--you'll be glad you did."

- M. Clark

"Within a few outfits and minutes of me trying on clothing, Kimberly immediately knew how best to style my body. Additionally, I was looking for versatility in each piece; Kimberly provided very helpful suggestions for different ways I could wear the clothing to meet different needs. I was very price conscious so she helped me decide on the best use of my money. My time with Kimberly was just the kick in the pants I needed to clean out my closet and dress the way I want to present myself!"

- Whitney Hunter Thompson

“While attending a red carpet event is enjoyable, sometimes choosing an outfit is not.  In fact, it can be rather stressful.  Kimberly Garrett has the unique ability of knowing exactly how to make me look and feel my best every time. I can always trust her to keep me calm and help me enjoy the moment.”

- Dylan Lauren
- Daughter of Ralph Lauren, CEO and Founder of Dylan's Candy Bar

"Kimberly Garrett has an exceptional sense of sophistication and timeless style.  She is able to see each woman as an individual and knows how to make her look and feel her most beautiful. Kimberly has the gift of making a woman feel better about herself."

- Patti Baer
- Owner of Obligato Boutique