Clients Outside NYC

At Plush we offer customized personal shopping and styling sessions for our long distance clients. We purchase items for you and send them to your home for you to try on, decide what you like and send back what you don’t. You will then be billed for what you kept along with our time spent shopping for you. Free shipping labels are provided for easy returns and we do not charge for any time spent returning.  For our Closet Cleanse packages we offer sessions via Skype.


Closet Cleanse

Kimberly will go through your wardrobe piece by piece to style entirely new outfits and rid you of outdated and unflattering clothing, shoes and accessories. She’ll help you decide what you should keep for this season, store for later or get rid of based on the fit, proportion and condition of each piece. Once she is done, her team will take the “No” clothes off your hands and personally resell or donate them at one of our partner organizations.  You will be left with a de-cluttered closet, a personalized lookbook of the outfits we styled and a customized shopping list of the pieces you need.

Custom Package

Plush Fashion Styling ensures all of our styling services are catered to your individual needs. Please do not hesitate to tell us exactly what you are looking for, the designers that fit within your personal budget and any guidance you may have so our services are customized for you.

Gift Certificate

We offer gift certificates for individual or multiple packages. Please contact us via email at [email protected] or call 917.348.3170 for more information.

Personal Shopping

Our personal shopping package provides you with an A-list stylist dedicated to making shopping feel like a luxury. We ensure the experience is catered to your personal expectations by asking specific questions before we meet, as we want to enhance your style and preferences, not change them. We will walk you through our favorite pieces offering constructive feedback and insider styling tips as we go. All returns are made for you off the clock, though based on our rehiring rate and longstanding relationships with our clients we are confident you will be pleased with our selections.


Packages begin at $400. For more information on pricing please contact [email protected]


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